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How to build a robust Employer Brand Strategy?

You are not alone. 50% of the employer brand projects are called off at some stage of the project for any kind of reason. The reason that we don’t see successful employer brand projects that often is mainly these call-offs. I wrote this book to help you with and secure the continuity of your employer brand projects It has been more than 25 years since Simon Barrow first launched the concept, yet by a majority of people it is still considered to be “recruitment marketing” or “entertaining activities within a company”. However, it is obvious that it brought a marketing perspective to the HR department. In my book, I took employer brand management out of recruitment marketing shallowness and discussed it in full dimensions.

  • Do you know where to start your Employer Brand project?
  • Do you have difficulties telling about the outcomes to the top management?
  • Do you know to construct an internal employer brand project team?

What you will learn with this eBook.

  • How to create an attractive and engaging employer brand?
  • What are the steps of an employer brand development project?
  • How to create a compelling Employee Value Proposition?
  • When to launch internal and outer communication?
  • How to measure the success of an employer brand?
  • How do you maintain continuity?


Ali Ayaz offers an engaging e-book on an authentic employer brand.

David Zinger

Engagement speaker, coach, and consultant., David Zinger

What I find amazing is his thorough expertise in employer brand management and his strategic approach. His book is both very useful, practical and revolutionary in this field.

Ralitsa Georgieva

Project Manager, To The Top

A must-read book for both employers and employees. Ali wrote the book with a practical approach. If you are wondering what is employer brand and how it is managed, just download the book.

Pinar Akkaya

Founder & Consultant, Signature

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