Can employer branding sometimes even be more important than corporate branding? Corporate branding is how the overall company looks to the rest of the world. When someone thinks of a cold beverage, they think of beautiful and the colours representing its branding and logo. They think of summer and delicious drinks, or if they are an investor, they think of Dividend Aristocrat. Again – great corporate branding.

When someone goes online and begins to search the internet with something along the lines of ‘working at XX drink company”, a different perspective is revealed. You can check employee review scores on the recruitment site. Of course, these are opinions stacked together over a long period of time, and sometimes they can be skewed for specific reasons or negative results, as can happen on these types of sites. That only means that employer branding is even more critical.

These corporate review sites continue to gather a lot of data, from to Linkedin to the famous, which really tried working to show the insights for employees working at specific companies.  It also asked if current or former employees approve of the current CEO and would recommend it to their friends. This social aggregation that has come up with the dawn of social media can significantly impact whether someone decides to work at your company or not. That means there could be a huge loss of talent because highly qualified people with offers could potentially decline to work at a company simply due to too many reviews negatively reflecting on the candidate’s core values.

What benefits do I have to improve my employer branding?

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