Perché i progetti di Employer Brand vengono abbandonati già in fase di pianificazione

Hai lavorato duramente per trovare il tuo candidato ideale e per proporgli la tua migliore EVP (Employee Value Proposition). Adesso è arrivato il momento e la tua promessa, affinché non sia poi ricordata come un semplice slogan utilizzato nella fase di colloquio, deve essere mantenuta. Per mantenere la promessa iniziale è necessario porre attenzione su tutti gli … Read more

Employer Brand Management – Podcast

Host: Andrea Premate (Marketing Director @HR World)

Guest: Ali Ayaz (Founder @ Employer Brand Academy)

Date: February 2020 Location: Belgrade, Serbia

We had the pleasure to host an Employer Branding expert with decades of experience in marketing, branding and HR, Mr Ali Ayaz from London and do a 30 min podcast with him. Some of the questions we covered during our talk:

  • How would you explain what employer branding is to a 10-year-old?
  • How would you explain what employer branding is to a CEO and why should he/she consider it?
  • What is talent and what type of talent is the hardest to find and attract?
  • How should you start building your employer brand?
  • What are the key questions a company should ask itself to begin the process of introducing employer branding?
  • Which specific problems does Employer Branding aim to repair?

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Bill Boorman on recruitment, employer branding, candidate experience

Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman is “King of Social Recruiting”. He advises on the integration of social recruiting for organizations. He writes a range of content from blog posts to white papers. An advisor he works with a range of companies like and advising on product-market fit.
He is an experienced conference speaker on a range of recruiting, talent, technology and HR topics at events around the world. Day to day, he is the Managing Director of Recruiting Daily.

He is also the founder of #tru which has hosted over 100 events during the last 12 months, in 65 countries and across 5 continents in 2019.